News July 2019

Price adjustment at Etsy !!!

I have a new calculation program that reaches me the price of an article on the basis of the working time and the wool price, including the accruing 15% fees and 19% taxes. Some items will fall in price others will rise, due to wool offers or special offer, prices may vary. Processing will be completed by the end of the month.

For all who can read this here is still valid, who ordered directly by mail gets 10% discount !!!


The items now ,,SMOKE-FREE,, !!!


New wool !!!

The delivery has arrived, certified organic wool from Germany from certified organic livestock.

From small sheep farm, which specialize in an old spinning process, long and short fibers are spun into a thread and then twisted and vegetable dyed. This creates voluminous wool yarns with great strength, which I would like to use for underwear, among other things.

New Coburg fox wool !!!

The Coburg fox sheep is one of the most endangered breeds of domestic animals, products made from this wool are a rarity !

In the case of the fox wool, in addition to the natural-colored / beige basic tone,

the characteristic reddish-brown, shimmering mottling of the awned hairs very gently emerges, a little bit scratchy wool yarn.

New Merino wool !!!


Natural colors white, dark brown, grey, very rustic character


Merino plants colored natural sheep character

Both qualities contain a residual amount of skin-friendly wool fat.

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